All poster work is commissioned by advertising agencies, movie or tv studios or directors. Some work is shown as finished art and others are concepts that did not get finished. All poster art is part of the process.

POSTERS - I enjoy all genres of films and television shows. Independent movies allow for more creative work. I art direct photoshoots, conceptualize ideas, build photo compositing, illustrate images, provide type set and layout design.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Documentary photography has given me a creative outlet. I'll photograph scenery, landscapes, rock bands, lifestyle, weird stuff or your dog (but probably not your baby).

ILLUSTRATION - My styles vary with a pen, paint or vector work. 

PRINTS - Prints are a way for me to help with causes that are important to me. All the funds go to charity. Please reach-out if you have a specific charity you'd like to donate to.

RESCUED - A project started in 2017. In order to get more dogs homes I have started photographing and writing stories of rescue animals. Please contact me if you'd like your rescue pet to be included in this project. 



Lindeman and Associates, Arsonal, Ignition Creative, Leroy & Rose, Rhubarb, Insync Plus, BLT, Canyon Design Group, Eclipse Advertising, Midnight Oil, Bond, 826, Headhunter Films, Begginers


Sarah has 2 rescue dogs that look alike, Lula and Oliver. She resides in South Los Angeles with her partner in an almost 100 year old house. They are fortunate to travel and see the World together.

Freelance - Early in 2017 Sarah ventured into freelancing from home. She'll work on a variety of projects and loves hearing about new work.